How to choose tactical vests, Plate Carrier, and bulletproof vests? May 29 , 2024

Tactical vests, plate carriers, and bulletproof vests are all considered protective equipment. Highly popular and valued in the military and police field. But how do we choose them when purchasing? What are the differences between them?

Today we- China Xinxing Guangzhou Imp&Exp Co., Ltd.  will introduce tactical vest, plate carriers,and bulletproof vest. And introduce the differences between them.

1.What is tactical vest?

A tactical vest is a heavy duty vest that are typically worn over clothing and may or may not have pockets. However, these tactical vests usually come with multiple pockets and attachments to carry essentials during missions or outdoor adventures. People who wear tactical vests can access items quickly during an emergency.In addition to storing tactical items such as magazines, walkie talkies, knives, etc. in the pocket. Emergency rescue equipment such as flashlights, tourniquets, and emergency kits can also be placed.
Usually the typical tactical vest is lighter weight than both a plate carrier and bulletproof vest. This is because it uses only lightweight nylon fabric or 600D oxford instead of bulletproof materials (such as a fully integrated body armor system) . So this vest is not bulletproof. It is also not possible to include bulletproof inserts. It can only be used for tactical purposes.

tactical army vest

2.Plate carriers

These vests are typically used by law enforcement and military personnel. Tablet vehicles are easily available in the market and can also be purchased and used by civilians. Plate carriers are usually also a type of tactical vest, with shoulder straps and belts (or belts) that can help you tightly tie things to your body. It has pockets on both the front and back for ballistic plates - giving tactical vests bulletproof functionality.

military tactical vest

3.Bulletproof vest

A bulletproof vest helps absorb or transfer the impact of weapon strikes or bullets. They are composed of multiple layers of woven or laminated fibers, aimed at slowing down, dissipating, and stopping bullets. These vests can protect the wearer from gun damage, including bullets from pistols and assault rifles. Bulletproof vests are usually made of PE material. This is the most cost-effective vest material. Plus a layer of 600D Oxford cloth on the outside. And there is a sandwich inside that can be inserted into a bulletproof plate to upgrade the protection level of the vest.

Police bulletproof vest

The above is an introduction to three types of vests. Different uses can correspond to different styles. Of course, there are also more styles for you to choose from. We provide customized services.

We always believe. The right is the best.

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See you next time!


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